Kusadasi and Beyond…

Part 3… Kusadasi, Ephesus & Patmos

To the saints who are in the United States, I write from Ephesus to the faithful in Christ Jesus…

We have encountered no storms, no shipwrecks, no flogging or chains and no hardships (well maybe there was a little shoving in the Buffet line!!!)


The port city of Kusadasi has been our home the past 3 nights. So why Kusadasi, you’ve never heard of it???? So, in the days of Paul & John, Ephesus used to be a seaport City, today thanks to years of silt deposits, the city didn’t move, the land did. So now Ephesus is miles inland. It’s no small place, it is and was huge…  it had an amphitheater that could seat 25,000 people, libraries, sports arena, temples to Artemis, baths, brothels, theater, an extensive water and sewage system complete with indoor plumbing. The streets were paved with marble, terrace homes hugged the hillside… all surrounded by lush green trees and fields. The amazing thing is… the city remains pretty well intact. Well, pretty much, a lot of Turkish antiquities have been carted off to various museums around the world. During Paul’s day the population  was about 250,000. Nearby is the place Jesus’ mother lived after the crucifixion and where John was buried.


Now a word to all the saints back home… check the weather reports before you depart. Early May weather is unusually hot this year… shall we say 90 degrees plus???Yes, we’re bundled up in long pants, long sleeved shirts and my jacket is down… ah, yes, amid the scantily clad young things getting the most out of the sun’s rays. In Kusadasi I found some Starbucks cups so gave away a black sweater and black pants to make room. There is sure to be more suitcase shuffling ahead.


Now in Greek waters onward to Patmos where we’ll tour the basilica and grotto of John, the beloved. We entered the cave where John received God’s revelation of end times. At the end of our tour our bus scheduled to leave the monastery at the top of the hill, literally was taken over by a Bulgarian group who pushed their way thru with elbows spread wide. Despite protestations from our two tour guides, they refused to be moved from their seats. You’ll be pleased that our group displayed humility and self control although one little old lady threatened to take them on.




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