Istanbul via Medical Transport…

Part 1:

Loved London – met lots of “cousins”, visited cemeteries, family churches and enjoyed a great hotel, yummy food and efficient public transportation… planes, trains and Underground.On to Istanbul… our VISA to enter the country was stamped with the wrong entry date… so we’ve been with the police, visa control and now the airline… may have to buy a new visa and each line has a LOT of people… may spend a few hours just trying to get out of the airport! And we thought LAX was bad.So… here’s the next part of the story… so because we were detained, our transport to the hotel (2 hours away) left. So we go to McDonalds (cause we’re starving) get a burger, pray to figure out the bus to taxi place. The guy sitting at the end of our table has a sign with a different name but the name of our hotel. So… he’s taking this guy to some Doctors office for a Hair transplant and will take us along to the hotel….and he speaks understandable English (not much of that heard around here!) God is good!!! Life is an adventure!!!So we’re riding to the center of the old city in a hospital transport shuttle with some German guys… in LA like traffic. You don’t get these memories in a regular taxi… love it!!!

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