I’m new at blogging and realize the importance of proper “search words“ so I apologize if you landed here looking for recipe collections rather than family history. “Slices of the Family Pie” best describes the snippets of memories I want to leave my children, grandchildren and other family members. As an avid genealogist, I’ve tried to force the “whole genealogy pie” on my family which was way too much at one sitting. Now I’d like to offer them this rich dessert in small slices so they might sample a little of who their ancestors were and maybe get a glimpse of themselves in the process.

I want them to view the family pie as a “whole” made up different individuals and varied slices of life that all contribute to create something appealing and satisfying. Pies are made of many separate ingredients that individually might sound pretty bland, unexciting and boring… flour, salt, water, shortening… but mixed together, baked and filled, create a tempting morsel. So it is with family… even the most ordinary lives, baked by life’s circumstances and experiences, produce stories that are worth tasting.  Fillings, like family, are varied and unique. You’ll  discover those individuals who are a little savory, some who are spicy, a few a little nutty and many just wholesome and hardy.

Anyway… you get the picture. My hope is that those who come after me might even jot down a “family recipe” or two of their own slice of life. I invite you to sit down, grab a cup of coffee and select a “slice of the family pie”. When you’re done sampling, I’d love to hear from you. Enjoy!       

ABOUT ME . . .

I’m a wife, a mother and a grandmother. I’ve been married to my non-genealogist husband for over half a century, during which time he has willingly gone on “family roots” trips throughout the states and Europe, explored more cemeteries than he ever bargained for, has learned to operate a microfilm reader and spent hours in libraries, churches and historical societies. We have three amazing sons, three talented daughter-in-laws and a most amazing collection of grandchildren who are charged with carrying on the family history… I hope.

I’m a retired teacher and librarian. Teaching allowed me to appreciate and value people coming from different backgrounds and cultures. Each child had his or her own stories and I hope, in some way, I inspired them to believe that they were unique and wonderfully made. Being a librarian opened the fascinating world of research, writing, history and organizational skills. I discovered a passion for communication, primarily in the area of writing. I served as school newspaper and yearbook advisor, worked with in-house video news broadcasting and editing, ran a library computer lab and for ten years, served as the editor for the Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society’s quarterly, “The Researcher”.

I’m a traveler and enjoy sharing my journeys.My childhood and young adulthood was spent in a small town, entirely within the confines of the state of Washington. After college and marriage, an opportunity to teach in Lagos, Nigeria opened a whole new world of travel. Many of my personal “story slices” revolve around travel experiences during those years.

I’m a “saver” of family photos and collector of ephemera. Yes, within my collection of files and notebooks, you’ll find antique photos, old baseball cards, dance programs, baptismal records and MUCH more. Just a request to my descendants… don’t toss it until you’ve thoroughly gone page by page. There are lots of wonderful surprises within those generic looking binders.

I love a good family story. I remember writing down snippets of family stories at my grandmother’s house when I was a teenager …. I still have those scribbled napkins and paper towels carefully preserved in plastic sleeve protectors. (Oh, my poor children and grandchildren who one day will be tasked with deciding what to save and what to toss!) Anyway, that genealogy journey started a LONG time ago.

I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe that God has a bigger plan for my life. He’s created me with unique gifts, passions and talents and hopefully readers will see the threads of faith within the slices of lives that are shared.

So… enough about me… It’s time to serve you a slice of my family pie.                 

Donna Salter Mullen

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